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How Our PRISM International Affiliation Works for You

How Our PRISM International Affiliation Works for You
In every major industry, there are organizations that monitor conditions and work with industry leaders to identify trends, establish a basic code of ethics and review and discuss performance standards.  For businesses that provide record storage, management and shredding services, Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM) International is one such organization. PRISM International works with affiliated businesses to build a community within the industry that is centered on education, networking, technological advancement and improvement. They host discussions about challenges the industry faces, and provide a forum for expert discussion of the changing needs of affiliated businesses and their customers.

prism-international.jpg At Corrigan Record Storage, we are proud to be a PRISM International affiliated business. Being an affiliated business means that we have a vital resource of current information that keeps us on top of changing laws that govern information and its destruction. PRISM International offers conferences that feature corporate partners and their products that use the latest technology. Keeping in step with changing standards and improving our skills means greater peace of mind for you.  When you deposit a document or old hard drive into one of our locked bins, you have the assurance that your information will be securely destroyed in compliance with the latest governmental regulations and the highest industry standards. To aid affiliated businesses in staying informed, PRISM International offers several publications, including a quarterly journal, which focuses on ways to improve the efficiency and security of services, while keeping costs manageable.  All of these benefits that come with an PRISM International affiliation help us provide you with safe, environmentally responsible, fully compliant information destruction.

As more businesses work toward the goal of being paperless, digital media and backup storage media will play a greater role in records and information management. As you make decisions regarding information destruction services for your businesses, affiliations with organizations like PRISM International let you know that we are keeping pace with technology changes that affect your needs.

As your business grows, you need a partner in document management, record storage and secure shredding that can meet the challenge of changing regulations and technology every step of the way. Corrigan Record Storage is dedicated to providing you with secure, convenient, affordable destruction of your sensitive information and digital storage media. We offer locked bin rotation on a schedule that values your time, and one-time shred packages for large clean-ups. To learn more about what we can do for you, call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716, or read more about our services, today.



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