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Why It’s Important to Destroy Your Old Hard Drives

Computers help companies do their job, and one of the essential components of a computer is its hard drive. Why is it such an important part? Because it’s what stores all your companies most sensitive information. Eventually, you will need to upgrade your office computer, so what happens with all those hard drives that contain confidential information about your business?

A hard drive destruction service was designed to help companies and homeowners to destroy their old hard drives, so their information becomes unrecoverable. It’s the safest option to protect your data. Let’s talk you through everything you need to know about hard drive destruction services, but first, let’s dive deeper into what a hard drive is.

What’s a Hard Drive?

A hard drive, disk drive, fixed disk, or striped drive is a multi-rack electronic data storage device that stores and retrieves data using electronic solid-state memory (ISM) and one or more highly sensitive, hard-wired, or non-raid hard disks enclosed in an integrated case.

It’s used to store data for long periods of time, and not just your average data such as files and applications, but also the operating system for your computer or laptop.

Why Destroy Your Old Hard Drives?

Many people wipe their old hard drives instead of destroying them, but that isn’t the safest option available to you. When you wipe your hard drive, it’s still possible for someone skilled in data recovery to access some of your most sensitive data, which could lead to fraud or identity theft. Using a hard drive destruction service means you no longer need to worry about leaking information as it will be destroyed entirely.

How Do I Destroy My Hard Drives?

How do you destroy the old hard drives you no longer need? The answer is simple, using a hard drive destruction service from your local shredding company. These shredding services are designed to provide the ultimate protection by shredding hard drives to the point where they are no longer recoverable, and the shredding experts are trained in protecting your data up until it’s entirely destroyed.

Shredding Company

When you are looking for a local shredding company to do your hard drive destruction, there are a couple of things to look out for. The first thing to check is that they are NAID Certified or a Member. This means the company undergoes several inspections every year and can provide you with peace of mind knowing that this company takes your data security seriously. The last thing to look out for is that they will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, the proof you need that complies with privacy laws and that your hard drives have been securely destroyed.

Hard Drive Destruction Process

The hard drive destruction process is straightforward, and the first step starts with you calling your local shredding company. They will help you with any questions you may have about the service itself and the company. Next, they will discuss with you a date and a time for your hard drive destruction service. Lastly, on the date you picked, they will come to your location, and you need only show them what hard drives you want to be destroyed; then they will collect them in a secure container and bring them to the mobile truck to be brought back to a secure off-site location to be destroyed. Once the hard drives have all been destroyed, they will provide you with your Certificate of Destruction.

With all this knowledge about hard drive destruction services, you are ready to book your first appointment. Contact Corrigan Record Storage for more information.



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