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Beyond Traditional: The Need For Large Format Document Scanning

In the fast-paced digital age, businesses constantly seek strategies to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and protect their valuable assets. One innovative solution that rises above the norm is large-format document scanning, a game-changing approach that expands the horizons of conventional document management.

Decoding Large Format Scanning

So, what exactly is large-format scanning? Simply put, it’s designed to accommodate documents that surpass the standard A3 size (12′ by 18′). This can include anything from architectural blueprints and engineering drawings to maps and posters. Traditional scanners fall short when faced with these dimensions, leaving companies with a predicament—how to efficiently store, access, and protect these crucial yet non-traditional business documents. This is where large format scanning enters the scene.

Reclaiming Space With Digitization

The initial and most visible advantage of large-format scanning is its space-saving benefits. Storing physical copies of oversized documents demands considerable storage space, which can be expensive and impractical, particularly for businesses operating in areas where real estate is at a premium. By converting these documents into a digital format, companies can free up this valuable space for more productive purposes.

Enhancing Accessibility And Collaboration

Large-format scanning also significantly improves accessibility. In their physical form, large documents can be unwieldy to handle and time-consuming to sift through. Once digitized, these documents become easily searchable, viewable, and shareable from any location. This level of convenience can drastically enhance workflow efficiency and foster better collaboration within teams.

Preserving Documents For The Future

One of the most compelling benefits of large format scanning is its potential for document preservation. The risk of damage is ever-present in a world where physical documents are constantly at the mercy of environmental elements such as moisture, heat, and pests. Additionally, there’s always the looming threat of loss due to misplacement or devastating events like fires or floods. In such scenarios, having a digital backup can make all the difference. Large-format scanning allows businesses to create high-resolution digital replicas of their essential documents, safeguarding them against unforeseen disasters. These digital copies can be stored securely on servers or cloud platforms, ensuring they remain accessible regardless of what happens to the originals.

Moreover, these scanned documents are not just secure; they’re also immortal in a sense. Unlike paper, digital files do not degrade over time. This means that even decades later, the digital versions will remain as clear and legible as the day they were scanned.


Quality Scanning For Detailed Precision

Despite these benefits, some businesses may be hesitant to transition to large-format scanning due to concerns about the quality of scanned images. However, modern large-format scanners have state-of-the-art technology that ensures high-resolution scans, capturing every detail with remarkable precision. This means that even the tiniest lines on architectural plans or intricate details on maps can be seen in the digital version.


Corrigan Record Storage: Your Guide To The Future

As you contemplate the benefits of large format scanning, Corrigan Record Storage stands ready to be your trusted partner in this digital transformation. We offer superior document scanning services, helping businesses transition from traditional methods to innovative, future-ready solutions.


Ready to leap into the future of document management? With Corrigan Record Storage, stepping into a more efficient, accessible, and secure future has never been easier. Our experienced team, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensures that your transition to large-format scanning is smooth, hassle-free, and beneficial for your business.


Don’t let your valuable oversized documents languish in physical storage. Optimize your operations, boost productivity, and safeguard your assets with Corrigan Record’s document scanning services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help transform your business.



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