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When You Choose Corrigan, You Choose Security

When You Choose Corrigan, You Choose Security
At Corrigan Record Storage, we understand the value of the information you place in our care.  Each day, we make it our mission to bring you consistently excellent customer service and security that meets the highest industry standards.  We keep pace with changes in information and security technology and respond with expanded services and increased protection for you.

Our property is secured with a perimeter fence and monitored, gated entry.  You won’t find a big, bold sign out front advertising that your sensitive information is stored here, but instead, you’re greeted by doors with pass codes that require identification for access. We keep a detailed record of every visitor, ensuring that no one comes in unless they should be here.  Warehouse-based document storage may have become commonplace for today’s businesses, but what sets us apart are the professionals who care for your records and maintain our facility. Our staff undergoes background checks, drug testing and  specialized training. We maintain HIPAA certification to keep you compliant and protect your records from unauthorized access.  Our warehouse is designed to safeguard your documents from environmental damage and natural disaster. Every facet of our 200,000 square foot warehouse is built around your protection, with specially-designed racks for housing storage cartons, and a unique, randomized shelving system.  With the capacity to hold over one million cartons, it’s important to constantly maintain the proper conditions to protect your documents from moisture and deterioration. We employ a web-based system that monitors and adjusts temperature and humidity, with 24-hour video surveillance throughout.  Our 30 years of experience have taught us that you can’t be too prepared when disaster strikes. Our facility is protected with an extensive sprinkler system and backed up by emergency generators. By powering our location from three separate power grids, we can keep you up and running when the lights go out.

Stay current, stay safe and keep your operation running smoothly with our full range of information management services. With comprehensive document and scanning services and cloud storage, your information is secure from equipment failures and power surges, and gives you the option to work remotely until  things return to normal. Off-site vault storage of backup media preserves information, but proper housing of this delicate media is necessary to conserve precious data. Our vault is specially-equipped with racks that shelter your media. The vault is monitored for humidity and temperature, and defended by an FM-200 waterless fire suppression system that offers tough fire protection while being environmentally gentle. With secure shredding services, your information is safe right until it is destroyed. We can disassemble and fully destroy hard drives, computer processing units and volumes of old documents.  Every aspect of our service centers on keeping your information available and secure.  When you need to access your files, you can reserve time for auditing and review in our private, comfortable, wifi-enabled customer viewing room. Whether you choose to come to our location to view your files, or you schedule delivery by our uniformed staff, you can be sure that every set of hands that comes in contact with your cartons is dedicated to your security and peace of mind.  With after-hours and emergency delivery services available, you have a proactive partner in secure, convenient document management.  We undergo unscheduled annual inspections to maintain industry accreditation for security and service. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to see our warehouse in action, and to learn how affordable secure, compliant information management can be.



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