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How Corrigan Helps Law Firms with Compliance, Litigation and Discovery Best Practices

How Corrigan Helps Law Firms with Compliance, Litigation and Discovery Best Practices
Technology has brought widespread change to the number of organizational documents, and how they are generated, stored, accessed, and used.  In response to these changes, governmental and corporate regulations have expanded to ensure vulnerable information remains protected throughout the document lifecycle, whether it is a hard copy file, or electronically stored.  To remain compliant with information governance, organizations must demonstrate the knowledge of what their protected or strategic information assets are, and how they are stored and managed.  When information is no longer needed, keeping it around creates risk. Partnering with Corrigan Record Storage mitigates that risk by eliminating unnecessary information using HIPAA-compliant methods that meet the highest industry standards.

Corrigan Record Storage supports compliance by providing secure, off-site document storage services for corporate and personnel records, backup tapes, hard drives, or any media that contains protected information and requires specialized storage and handling.  With a professional digital document service, an electronic record is created with the document that shows every instance of every retrieval, printing, emailing, editing or deletion of a document. This ensures that you can prove compliance and produce hard copies on demand.

In the event of litigation, it’s essential that you can produce needed documents as quickly as possible to meet court dates and have sufficient time to prepare for your case. Corrigan Record Storage eases the burden of discovery by reducing the amount of time it takes to locate records.  Our warehouse uses a randomized shelving system that allows us to quickly get what you need while protecting your documents from unauthorized access.  We offer document scanning services that efficiently transform your hard copy files, charts, blueprints, and other documents into electronic files that can be stored in the cloud and accesses anywhere, at anytime.

Corrigan Record Storage helps law firms with discovery by providing comprehensive document storage and information management services that allow for streamlined acquisition of documents.  Using our web-based software, schedule convenient next-day delivery of your files, and take advantage of  rush delivery of your files.  We provide a comfortable, private, Wi-Fi-enabled Customer View Room in our secure facility, where our staff will have the cartons and files you need waiting for you.

When you need reliable, secure support in establishing an efficient, compliant information management program, call Corrigan Record Storage at 248.344.9185 or complete the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your free consultation.  You have a choice indocument and information management.  Let us help you work smarter and get more done.



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