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Corrigan Team Snapshot – Todd McNeil (Account Executive)

Todd McNeil (Account Executive)My name is Todd McNeil and I’m your account executive or I hope to be in the near future.  There are many ways I hope to add value to your experience here at Corrigan Record Storage.  Here are what I feel are the top 5:

  1. I am honest and ethical in everything I do.  I feel honesty and being trustworthy is an essential part of who i am.  I always try to keep my promises because my word means EVERYTHING to me.
  2. I focus on the details.  Being organized is vital to your business therefore I keep the details in order so you can function error-free.  I try not to waste energy doing work twice and I will teach you how Corrigan’s software tracking system will improve your productivity and SAVE YOU MONEY!
  3. I sincerely care about you.  Meeting you for the first time my goal is not to “sell you something”.  I am here to help you solve a problem.  I am upfront about all costs.  I will work the hardest to show you that the value of Corrigan Record Storage will end up saving you money and increasing your efficiency.
  4. I like to have fun.  I would be considered “old school” and i still enjoy doing business face to face whenever possible.  I find joy in almost everything in life especially my family and I love to laugh and enjoy life.
  5. I love people.  My grandfather taught me that a stranger is merely a friend I haven’t met yet.  Especially with business I want you to feel at home with Corrigan.

If you have a need for document storage, paper or hard drive shredding, document scanning, or vault storage I would love to talk with you further.



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