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Looking for Reliable Document Storage? Important Considerations in Choosing Your Provider

If you’re lacking space in-house or have general concerns around the organization and security of your business documents, you may be considering off-site document storage services as a practical solution.

Managing your records while taking on day-to-day responsibilities that come with running a business, can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. However, bearing in mind regulations around the protection of private information, document security is essential and a practice that shouldn’t be ignored. Take this unnecessary worry away from your hands and turn to the professionals.

How can you be sure your documents are in good hands? Take into account the following:

Find out how long the company has been in business.

When it comes to safeguarding highly sensitive information, it’s important to do your research. After all, trusting just any company in the industry to store your vital documents could be risky and even detrimental if they are lacking experience. Always look for a document storage company that has proven, significant industry experience. Review their website to gain insight into the history of the company and the services offered. Check that they are a reputable key player in their region and consider verifying this information through client testimonials if applicable and available on their website. A committed business with extensive industry experience communicates they are likely a dependable choice.

At Corrigan Record Storage, we have over 30 years of experience in the document storage and document management industry. The extensive knowledge our team has gained provides us with unique insight into how our customers interact with their documents, so we can do our best to better serve them.

Determine how your documents will be secured.

Document security is of the utmost importance when partnering with a document storage provider. It is imperative that the necessary security measures are in place to keep your sensitive information 100% secured at all times.

At Corrigan Records, we have a gated and alarmed facility with video surveillance and climate control to give you the security and the longevity you’re looking for over your critical information. Furthermore, our climate control units remove issues surrounding humidity which can sometimes alter the state of documents. Prevent damage to your files by choosing a document storage facility that provides this handy service option. Your valuables are well-protected at Corrigan Record Storage.

Ask whether they offer document delivery requests.

There will be times that you’ll need to retrieve specific documents; sometimes with very little notice as well. Your document storage company should provide convenient access for requesting document delivery, as well as general access to the status of information at any time. Web-based systems are ideal as they allow for immediate accessibility to perform those requests without having to contact a provider by telephone.

Corrigan Record Storage provides web-based software that will inform you exactly how simple it is to manage and schedule your pickups and deliveries in no time at all.

Verify that they offer 24/7 Support and Rush Delivery Services.

It’s important to partner with a document storage provider that realizes the need for 24/7 service. Corrigan Record Storage realizes that emergency situations can arise, and access to information could make or break the customer’s situation at hand. Request your pertinent documents at any time be it during office hours, over the weekends, through the night, and during the holidays. You should never feel like your documents are out of reach when an issue arises.

Your document storage company should provide flexible scheduling and delivery. Need records the same day of request? Corrigan Record Storage can have your documents delivered within 2 hours. It doesn’t get much faster than that!

Request a list of industry associations they belong to

Credentials matter as they reiterate you are choosing an industry leader who practices the highest of industry standards and regulations. The team at Corrigan Record Storage is proud to be a strong member of the below affiliations, representing unparalleled security measures and top-notch training.

  • NRC (National Records Centers)
  • PRISM International (Professional Records & Information Services Management)
  • ARMA International (Association of Records Managers and Administrators)
  • NAID AAA Certified (National Association for Information Destruction)
  • SHRED NATIONS: Preferred Partner

With the above knowledge in mind, you can feel confident in choosing the right document storage provider for your specific needs. At Corrigan Record Storage, we understand how critical confidentiality is and guarantee that your experience with us will be a positive ( and secure) one. Between our comprehensive security measures, certifications, experience, and know-how, we can ensure you that files remain protected from the moment they enter our facility, through delivery and/or secure destruction.

Contact us today to learn more about our document storage and management solutions. Located in Novi, Michigan, reach our team at 248-344-9185.



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