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Mastering the Records Management Lifecycle

Mastering the Records Management Lifecycle
Understanding the lifecycle of your records and documents helps you keep information secure and accessible from creation to disposal.  Taking control of every aspect of records management gives professionals control over the privacy and integrity of sensitive information.  By properly collecting, using, storing and destroying data, businesses are protected from unauthorized access and disclosure, incorrect revisions and erroneous deletion or disposal of valuable records.

Mastering the records lifecycle begins before information is collected and records are generated. Have a plan that includes which data you will collect and how it will be used, identifying governmental and corporate regulations that specify how certain types of information must be handled.  By planning for the management of protected information, you can properly categorize records by sensitivity so they may be stored and used properly.  Rules that govern the storage and use of information also dictate how long records must be kept. Knowing which types of sensitive information you will collect, how will be used and how long it should be kept allows your business to identify data use and access procedures that can be used for training of staff in areas of privacy, confidentiality and information management.

Partnering with a document management professional gives you convenient, secure access to your records with the added peace of mind of off-site storage.  Housing hard copy files in a specialized facility provides added security and supports compliance. Implementing cloud storage with web-based software gives your organization the flexibility to work from anywhere and shields your data from the malicious intent of anyone who would breach security and steal your information.  Document management professionals maintain specialized facilities that are designed with the preservation and protection of your documents in mind.  When it is no longer necessary to retain your records, having a trusted information destruction and disposal professional on your side ensures that information remains secure throughout its lifecycle and is destroyed in keeping with government and industry standards.

Corrigan Record Storage is a professional document management services provider.  We have the capability to scan your documents and store them safely in the cloud,  while we house your hard copy files in our state-of-the-art facility.  Our warehouse has the capacity to hold over one million cartons of data.  On every level, your documents and hard copy files are stored on specialized racks in a 200,000 square foot facility that is continually monitored by web-based climate control and adjusted for temperature and humidity.  With monitored, gated entrances and 24-hour video surveillance, Corrigan Record Storage is prepared to help you face your document management challenges with expanding services and outstanding customer care. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to learn more about our specialized services and discover how easy and affordable it is to take control of your document management needs.



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