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What Does It Mean to be NAID Certified?

National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)When we search for providers of goods or services on the internet, it’s not unusual to see the insignias of industry affiliations or certifications on business websites. While many of us disregard these distinctions, knowing what they symbolize can help you find the businesses that are the best at what they do. In the record management and information destruction industries, AAA certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) means that the business or individual who has received certification upholds the highest industry standards for discretion, consistency and professionalism in the handling and destruction of your sensitive documents, backup media and information. Increased media reporting of corporate data breaches, identity theft, and the discovery of sensitive records and information left in dumpsters and at landfills has shed new light on the importance of using a reputable, verifiable destruction service.

The National Association for Information Destruction is a consumer protection watchdog association, comprised of a body of information industry experts and third-party security professionals who came together to establish the international trade association and create industry standards for safe and proper information destruction. In addition to setting standards for the industry, the NAID has formulated a regulatory system that ensures ongoing security and compliance.  The NAID offers its AAA certification to information destruction service providers who have undergone rigorous inspection of their facilities and processes and were found to be excellent in all areas of operation. As part of an ongoing quality control program, businesses who receive NAID AAA certification must undergo scheduled annual on-site audits and several random, unannounced on-site audits. Unannounced audits ensure that information destruction service providers are maintaining 100% compliance throughout the year, and not just during their annual audit.  In keeping with the highest standards, NAID auditors are trained and accredited security professionals who are well-versed in the requirements of NAID certification and employee training.  The NAID addresses security in all aspects of operations, with special focus on access control, transportation of information, shred particle size, destruction procedures and employee screening.

Whether you are part of a large corporation with thousands of employees or the sole proprietor of a small business, you encounter sensitive and identifying information. Using an AAA NAID certified destruction service provider ensures that your information has been destroyed in compliance with governmental regulations, giving you the added assurance of being in compliance in your own organization’s daily operations. For professional, dependable destruction of physical records, backup media and hard drives, look to Corrigan Record Storage. This AAA NAID certified family business offers plant-based shredding with multiple bin sizes and bin rotation schedules to meet your needs. Click here to verify our certification. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to find out how affordable peace of mind can be.



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