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We are Members of ARMA International: What That Means for You

arma-international.jpgIt has been said that you can tell a lot about a man from the company he keeps; the same can be said for businesses. At Corrigan Records Storage, we are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and highest quality document and information management services available. In keeping with this mission, we hold several industry accreditations and affiliations. When we joined the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA), we understood the value of giving our professional staff access to a wealth of industry information regarding governmental and professional standards in recordkeeping and information management. ARMA is a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on governing information as a strategic asset. Their stated mission is to promote principles and practices that result in organizations understanding that their success relies on the effective management and governance of information and to create career and professional development opportunities in records management and information. Membership in this prestigious organization presents us with opportunities for continuing education and professional development that we use to stay informed and serve you better. Members of ARMA include records and information managers, information governance professionals, archivists, corporate librarians, imaging specialists, legal professionals, IT managers, consultants and educators, all of whom work in a wide variety of industries, including government, legal, healthcare, financial services, and petroleum in the United States, Canada, and more than 30 countries worldwide. With this kind of knowledge and experience backing what we do, you can rest assured that your sensitive information will be handled securely and efficiently, allowing you to spend more time on what it is you do best.

Corrigan Records Storage is proud to belong to the Association of Records Managers and Administrators. Trust us to follow our passion for security and quality and for that drive for perfection to extend to every aspect of our business. Whether you rely on us for secure, climate-controlled records and physical file storage, shredding of old documents and files, secure destruction of old computer hard drives and processing units, or you have had your documents scanned and safely stored in our cloud, you can rely on Corrigan Records Storage to seek out the latest industry news and keep up with all the ways technology affects how you do business or handle information, and respond with expanded services and consistent quality. When you entrust us with your records storage and information management needs, you get customer-focused flexibility and service, delivered with state-of-the-art security and monitoring. Our alarmed and gated facility is monitored by 24-hour a day surveillance and is available to serve your needs. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to learn how convenient and affordable effective information management can be.




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