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4 Reasons Your Detroit Business Needs Off-Site Record Storage

2020 was a turning point in terms of remote working. Last year, 88% of global organizations made it mandatory for employees to work from home due to the pandemic, but more organizations are turning to this format as a regularity moving forward. Companies like Amazon and Twitter have decided that employees can work from home permanently. Whether your organization is considering making remote working permanent or not, record storage can benefit businesses in Detroit with on-site or off-site employees. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how off-site storage benefits your business.


1. It’s flexible

Remote employees have more options in terms of flexibility. The reduced commute time leaves more options to start work when it best suits their schedule. In turn, many companies have decided to downgrade their office space to reduce costs. Storing documents off-site allows the option for employees to retrieve documents when they require them on their own time and schedule. At Corrigan, our storage facility offers 24-hour access so you can get your documents when you need them.


2. It saves you money

Using off-site records storage saves you money in the long run. With record storage, you reduce fees and rent for office space, as you’re able to offload the documents you don’t need to a secure location. Alternatively, renting a storage unit is an unsafe and expensive way of storing your records.


3. It’s secure

Storing information at your workplace takes up space and increases your risk of a data breach. Additionally, important files can get damaged beyond repair by accident or over time, which is a loss of information. When you choose a secure, off-site storage facility, only authorized personnel will have access to your files.

Our storage facility is protected with video surveillance and gated, alarmed security to ensure your documents are completely protected. Whether you’re working from home or you’re in the office, you can trust that your documents are secured. Also, our storage facility is climate-controlled, so you won’t have to worry about documents becoming damaged over time.


4. Ease of access and peace of mind

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t find something you need. If your business produces a lot of documents regularly, you may find yourself with a cluttered office or home office, which may result in either losing important documents or throwing out documents you shouldn’t. Corrigan offers shredding and storage services as a one-stop solution for business owners in Detroit to either store or shred items that are no longer needed.

We offer express two-hour delivery, so you can get those documents you need whenever you need them. Want to view your documents without leaving our facility? That’s not a problem. We have a viewing room where you can view your documents on your time. Just give us a call to set up a time and we’ll have those documents ready for you.


Document Storage Detroit

If you’re looking for document storage for your Detroit business, give us a call at 248.344.9185. We will gladly answer any questions you have about our record storage services. Or, you can always reach out online.



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