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Repurpose Your Real Estate and Shrink Your Footprint

Repurpose Your Real Estate and Shrink Your Footprint
Whether you’re a big shot CEO in charge of a room full of eager employees, or a small business owner who works out of their home, properly storing your most sensitive information is vital to ensuring the health, happiness, and success of your home or business. Stolen or lost information can result in significant personal or professional consequences. Personal information, medical records, tax documents, and more can be used against you at any time, and with rapid progression of technology comes increased risks of identity theft, and even compliancy failures for companies.

Keep your documents and files safe

The idea of keeping your documents and files safe can lead many to keep hard copies close to, and often inside of, most homes or offices. This can leave you at even greater risks for loss from theft, fire, flood, and more. Paper can take up a significant amount of space, is terrible for the environment, and besides, why spend hours combing through poorly organized filing systems when you can have every file, document, or record right at the tips of your fingers?  The worst that could happen is that you free up tons of extra space in your home or office, so why not just repurpose that unused real estate and shrink your footprint all at the same time today with Corrigan Record Storage. We provide the safest, most secure offsite record and document storage, and guarantee our efforts to safeguard your most sensitive information. Our state-of-the-art facility keeps everything safe for you until the moment you need it. With multiple ways to access your files and documents, you can rest easy knowing your information will never be withheld, 24/7/365.

Over 25 years experience

Corrigan Record Storage has over 25 years of comprehensive experience providing the best document storage and management services, intending only to protect your personal or professional sensitive information. With our most advanced CSR Readiness® program, we can protect and secure your information by formulating a customized and detailed plan for preventing breaches, suggesting ways to better protect you from avoidable threats, and manage the repercussions of any breaches by reporting important information to the proper local authorities as well as clients. Every industry is a risk. To learn more about our unmatched customer service and our extraordinary services, call Corrigan Record Storage at 248.344.9185 or complete the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your free consultation today.



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