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Showing Appreciation for Today’s Employee

It is not a surprise that employees want to be treated like human beings when they are at work.  Feeling employee-recognitionrecognized and appreciated is a basic human need.  People naturally want to be respected by both their fellow colleagues and bosses.  They want to feel valued and proud of their work and also that they are making a significant contribution to the company.

Appreciation improves company culture.

By creating a culture of consistent recognition and appreciation between managers and peers, you’ll in turn create a culture which makes it hard for employees to leave.  Shared recognition moments provide employees with a model of performance that they will want to emulate.  What’s critical is that an organization celebrates success.  Those who perform must be recognized.  Their behavior and its results must be reinforced and give positive feedback to employees responsible for success.

How can you give employee recognition?

Spontaneously praise people.  To many employees, receiving sincere thanks is more important than receiving something tangible.  Your tone of voice, facial expressions and posture must match what is being verbally conveyed.

Tailor it to the recipient.  Some employees like a hand shake or a pat on the back while others prefer an email.  Show additional gratitude by recognizing how each employee likes to be thanked.

Be different.  Have a random drawing to see what employee gets to leave an hour early or offer a free lunch with the boss.  Have fun with your recognition ideas.

Employee recognition isn’t rocket science it is an obvious thing to do.  Recognition and appreciation improves productivity, better employee satisfaction with their job, increase employee loyalty, and lower absenteeism and stress.  Despite the unquestioned benefits arising from employee recognition, one of the mysteries of the workplace is that recognition is done badly, if done at all.  Managers need reinforcing and coaching to build a successful recognition program.

We have a great staff here at Corrigan Record Storage who has always put you the customer first.  Our average employee has been employed here over 9 years.  I want to thank our employees for contributing to the success of our company and building the bond with our customers.



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