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You’re Not Backing Up Properly Unless You Have Offsite Backups

With the progression of technology, the way we conduct business and manage information changes. The increasing trend toward paperless offices and the rampant increase in identity theft have made it necessary for businesses to expand their measures to protect sensitive information and records. Not only does your information need to be kept private from individuals who would do you harm, you also need to protect your files from catastrophic events. A fire, flood or storm damage can bring your business to a grinding halt without having your essential records stored in a separate physical location. In recognition of the vital importance of information and the need to safeguard it, the federal government requires Medicare service providers and other types of businesses to keep an updated, offsite digital backup of protected health information and other vital records. To ensure that your data is secure, choose a document and information management services provider who uses the latest security, software and fire-suppression technology to safeguard your files and their facility. Corrigan Record Storage uses a software-controlled system to control temperature and humidity; providing for the longevity of your hard copy physical files and protecting them from rot or moisture damage. Our vault storage features specialized racks to safely store and protect digital tape backup media, cases and boxes. Our vault is also a software-controlled environment that is protected by a state-of-the-art FM-200 Fire Suppression System. This fire protection uses a non-liquid flame retardant and is friendly to the environment. Our gated and alarmed storage facility has the capacity to store one million cartons of files, and is protected by 24-hour video surveillance and requires proper identification for entry. We care about protecting your information and providing excellent customer service each step of the way.

Corrigan Record Storage offers a full range of document and information management services to help your organization run smoothly and keep you compliant with governmental and corporate policies and regulations. We provide professional shredding services to help protect your information from unauthorized access. We have the capability to shred hard copy paper files, receipts, old hard drives and complete computer processing units. We offer locked bins in multiple sizes to house your information that is awaiting destruction, and rotate them out for shredding on a schedule that works best for you. Our document scanning service lets you keep digital copies of your records available at a click, and view them at any time with our powerful web-based software. Put our industry-recognized document management services to work for you, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from know that you’re covered, no matter what happens. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to learn how affordable and convenient protection in our vault storage can be.



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