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Shred Days In Novi, MI: Your Guide To Secure Document Disposal

Feeling overwhelmed by paper clutter? Shred Days in Novi, MI offers a powerful solution. These events provide a convenient and secure way to shred outdated documents, safeguarding your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. This guide delves into the numerous advantages of attending a shred day and equips you with the necessary steps to prepare for the event.

The Benefits of Attending Shred Day

Enhanced Security:

Alarmingly, according to a 2022 Javelin Strategy & Research study, 14.4 million U.S. residents fell victim to identity theft in 2021, incurring a collective loss of $52.9 billion. Every unshredded document containing sensitive information, like your Social Security number, credit card details, or medical records, becomes a potential weapon in a thief’s arsenal. Shredding these documents into unrecognizable pieces significantly reduces the risk of someone piecing together your personal information for fraudulent purposes.

Streamlined Organization:

Over time, unused documents accumulate, creating clutter and hindering organization. Shred days provide the perfect opportunity to declutter your home or office, freeing up space and making a sense of order.

Environmentally Friendly:

While shredding itself doesn’t directly benefit the environment, many shredding companies like Corrigan Records offer paper recycling alongside document destruction. Opting for such services ensures the shredded paper is recycled into new products, minimizing its environmental impact.

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness:

Shredding large volumes of paper at home can be time-consuming and expensive. Shred days offer a convenient and affordable solution, providing access to professional shredding services at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a personal shredder.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing your sensitive information has been securely destroyed offers immeasurable peace of mind. Shred days eliminate the worry of unshredded documents falling into the wrong hands and empower you to take control of your data security.

Preparing for Shred Day

Gather Unwanted Documents: Identify and collect all outdated documents containing personal information, such as expired credit card statements, old tax returns, and utility bills. Be sure to check the specific guidelines of the shred day you choose to ensure they accept the materials you have.

Review Event Guidelines: Look for local organizations or businesses hosting shred days in Novi, MI. Carefully review their guidelines regarding accepted materials, quantity limitations, and any additional preparation steps they may recommend.

Remove Staples and Paperclips: While some shredding companies can handle staples and paperclips, it’s always best to check beforehand. If necessary, remove these items from your documents to avoid potential delays at the event.

Bring Secure Containers: Pack your documents securely in sturdy boxes or bins for easy transportation to the shred day event. This will help prevent any loose papers from falling out during transport.


Shred days offer a convenient and valuable service for individuals, businesses, and communities. By participating in these events, we can collectively enhance security, promote data protection, reduce environmental impact, and build a more secure and responsible society.

Experience Secure And Convenient Shredding At Corrigan’s Community Shred Days









Ready to experience the benefits of shredding firsthand? Corrigan Record Storage, a NAID AAA-Certified and HIPAA-compliant company, offers Community Shred Days conveniently held on the first Saturday of each month between 9 am and Noon at our location: 45200 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48375. Our friendly staff will be happy to unload your car and shred your documents on-site for only $7.00 per bin (up to 300 lbs). We also offer secure hard drive shredding and accept various electronics for responsible recycling.

Can’t make it to Community Shred Day? No problem! We offer convenient drop-off appointments during the week, or visit our website to learn more about our one-time purge services.

Take control of your personal information and the environment today! Contact Corrigan Record Storage in Novi, MI, for secure shredding and recycling needs.




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