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Trends in Information Management Compliance

Trends in Information Management Compliance
As our world and technological capabilities continue to evolve with each passing day, the number of state and federal laws and regulations regarding information management follow, developing faster than ever before. Because of this, business owners just like you are forced to keep up by continuously updating your information management policies and programs. The costs associated with owning a business including payroll, taxes, equipment, and more, can be overwhelming enough already, but as responsible authorities continue to crack down on businesses everywhere for lapses in their compliance, despite the increasingly unpredictable information management standards, the need for new, better information management strategies for staying compliant becomes obvious.

Though having an information management strategy is primarily about document and asset storage, retention, and destruction, there are a number of things you need to ensure that you do to maintain your optimal functionality as well as your compliance. When you approach your new or revised information management plan, you need to think long-term. Consider how changes to legal requirements or your industry will affect the way you do business in the future. As the laws for record retention and destruction fluctuate every year, it’s important to always have the most recent legal requirements available to you for both practical and informative purposes. Being organized and adhering to federal and state laws regarding information management can help you and your staff in a number of ways including combating litigation and other investigations, making retention policies easier to access for your staff, saving you valuable space and money on storage waste, and more.

There are a number of reasons, besides ever-changing legal requirements, to update your information management procedures. Staying organized and having easy access to your vital business-related information at all times is crucial to your overall success, and as more businesses are choosing to pursue paperless options for their office management, finding creative ways to allow unrestricted access without compromising your security and compliance is the only way to compete.

No matter what industry you operate within, the number one way to stay effortlessly compliant is to have a professional document and information management service provider, like Corrigan Record Storage. Only by trusting in the professionals, like those at Corrigan Record Storage, can you get unbeatable support and expert help in storing, retaining, and destroying all of your important information. If you want the most comprehensive information management services to help maintain your business’ compliance, you need to contact a professional information management service provider, like Corrigan Record Storage, today. Please call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716, or complete the contact form in the sidebar to learn more about all of our convenient, secure and affordable services provided only by Corrigan Record Storage.



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