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Using Document Shredding to Safeguard Against Data Breaches

Using Document Shredding to Safeguard Against Data Breaches
When it comes to retaining personally identifiable information (PII), according to the various regulations that help keep businesses compliant, it doesn’t take long for a company to find itself trapped beneath mountains of paperwork that are both outdated and useless. It’s easy to adopt a “keep everything just in case” mentality when dealing with incredibly sensitive information, but it is that mentality that leads to data and security breaches. PII in the wrong hands, no matter how old the information is, is still an incredibly dangerous situation for the person whose information is being compromised, as well as the institution responsible for safeguarding it.

Improve Security Against Possible Breaches and Theft

Document shredding, like that provided by Corrigan Record Storage, is a great way to cut back on excess paperwork and improve security against possible breaches and theft. By determining what you should keep and getting rid of the rest, you are not only reducing your environmental impact, but also your chances of suffering loss or litigation as a result of theft, human error, and more. If you really hope to compete with the massive companies looming over you, then you need to know when and where to cut unnecessary costs to keep yourself thriving. Unfortunately for many, proper document destruction should not be among those costs that get cut. In order to truly succeed and uphold your shining reputation as a service or product provider, you need to make sure you keep the PII you are responsible for, current and organized. This means shredding documents that you no longer need and making sure they are destroyed properly so that you can stay compliant and operating smoothly. All it takes is one hacker, one thief, one person with ill intentions to steal one piece of information from your organization to bring the entire place to its knees. Don’t wait around to find out how quickly you could lose it all, find out more about how Corrigan Record Storage’s various document scanning, shredding, and storage services can help you succeed, or how to sign up for our exclusive CSR Readiness® program today.

CSR Readiness®

Every industry is at risk, so now is the time to take action, if you aren’t already. Corrigan Record Storage has the most innovative CSR Readiness® program in the industry. Just by taking the time to sign up you can protect and secure your PII by letting the program do all the hard work for you. Our CSR Readiness® program meticulously devises a personalized plan to help you avoid breaches, recommends new and better ways to protect you from preventable threats, and manages the consequences of any breaches by reporting essential information to the proper local authorities as well as clients. To learn more about our unmatched customer service, secure document shredding and our extraordinary CSR Readiness® program, please call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or complete the contact form in the sidebar to learn more about convenient, secure and affordable document services from Corrigan Record Storage.



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