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5 Ways Professional Shredding Will Benefit Your Michigan Business

When running a business in Michigan, there are numerous factors to consider, including ensuring that the data you use and store is kept secure and safe. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is by adopting a document shredding strategy.

While it is possible to do your own paper shredding within your company, it is not always the best option. Mobile document shredding is more convenient, can be less expensive than hiring someone to do all of your shredding in-house, and it ensures the integrity of all of the data you collect over the course of your company’s existence.

1. Clients can relax and feel safe

The most obvious benefit of document shredding is how safe it is when it comes to destroying sensitive data and papers. Businesses will undoubtedly become paperless one day, but until that day arrives, there will always be a need for businesses to preserve and print papers. It’s critical to understand how to safeguard this information and keep it from falling into the hands of identity thieves and fraudsters.

Data thieves may profit and gain a lot of money if they get their hands on critical information about your customers and clients. Whatever type of business you run, you’ll almost certainly collect sensitive information about your customers, and paper shredding allows you to get rid of it swiftly and easily.

2. Employees can feel safe

It’s not simply your clients’ information that you need to safeguard. It is your job to safeguard your employees’ security as well as their safety. You will undoubtedly acquire a huge quantity of data about everyone in your company, which means you will have a large amount of data to dispose of as well.

Account data, employment data, and any other data you have about your workers may be shredded on the go with mobile document shredding. Employee data theft might not only cost you money, but it could also harm employee morale and make it difficult for your company to recruit top personnel for available positions.

3. It’s secure for the company

The company must also be safeguarded. Data loss equates to a loss of reputation. Customers will be less willing to share data with you, which means they will be more likely to go elsewhere for a firm that can both safeguard them and fulfill their commitments. Document shredding allows you to safely dispose of everything from corporate finances to sensitive information about your company that may be used against you.

4. It’s Environment-friendly

Every company is being pressured to become more environmentally conscious. This entails reusing as many items as possible while lowering your carbon footprint. Although burning waste paper is safe, it is not environmentally friendly.

Paper shredding is much better for the environment. After being shredded, the paper can be removed and taken to a recycling facility, where it will be processed or turned back into paper. Therefore, enabling your company to leave less of a carbon footprint.

5.It’s very convenient

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of employing a professional shredding service. Document management and retention are largely handled for you, alleviating the stress of satisfying requirements and removing the burden from your employees.

We, at Corrigan Record Storage, supply safe locking bins to your workplace when you utilize our shredding services, where your staff can simply dump any and all papers that need to be destroyed as they are produced. There is no need for additional equipment, training, or effort. Our commercial shredders shred staples, paper clips, and folders quickly, allowing employees to spend less time preparing documents for shredding. Simply place them in the container and walk away.

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