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The Significant Advantages of Hard Drive Destruction

It is critical to avoid data breaches when it comes to disposing of old hard drives in your business. While eradicating the drives yourself may appear to be more cost-effective, you run the risk of your data being stolen and misused. Hiring a professional firm that specializes in electronic data storage media disposal is the most secure technique for destroying hard disks.


All Data Is Completely Unrecoverable

Culprits are able to easily recover data from erased hard drives, somewhat damaged ones, or hard drives that have been simply disposed of. Wiping a hard drive does not guarantee that the data has been completely erased. Physically smashing high-security data destruction machines with powerful magnets can effectively eliminate and irrecoverable any information.


Avoiding Fines and Penalties

Businesses risk hefty penalties if they do not properly dispose of their data storage media. When there is a security breach, your company may be fined thousands of dollars each time. It’s simple to avoid these fines by hiring an expert hard drive destruction company like Corrigan Record Storage.


Freeing Up Space in The Office

Storing old hard drives might take up a lot of room in your business. If you don’t use a high-security hard drive shredders, destroying these hard drives is both time-consuming and potentially dangerous. You may save time and free up office space by enlisting the help of a hard drive destruction company.


Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

A hard drive destruction company is aware of the regulations for eliminating data storage media. It’s their duty to comply with these rules and guarantee your organization maintains integrity. This removes the risk of fines as well as ensures that your hard drives are disposed of in accordance with applicable electronic data storage media laws.


All Data Is Completely Removed

A hard drive destruction company can ensure that all of your data is completely removed from your data storage media. They do so by physically smashing the hard drives with a high-security media maimer. This makes it impossible for data on hard drives to be recovered using contemporary forensic technologies.


Hard Drive Destruction Process

The hard drive destruction process is straightforward, and the first step starts with you calling your local shredding company. They will help you with any questions you may have about the service itself and the company. Next, they will discuss with you a date and a time for your hard drive destruction service. Lastly, on the date you picked, they will come to your location, and you need only show them what hard drives you want to be destroyed; then they will collect them in a secure container and bring them to the mobile truck to be brought back to a secure off-site location to be destroyed. Once the hard drives have all been destroyed, they will provide you with your Certificate of Destruction.

With all this knowledge about hard drive destruction services, you are ready to book your first appointment. Contact Corrigan Record Storage for more information.



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