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Best Practices of Information Governance

Best Practices of Information Governance
Information is a strategic asset that requires intense oversight in order to best use it to manage costs, make decisions, and reduce risk in your business. Adopting an information governance program serves the dual purpose of helping you optimize information for growth and development while meeting the standards for compliance with government and corporate regulations. In establishing an information governance plan for your enterprise, there are activities and technologies that will help you get solid control of risk, legal demands and regulations.  Information governance reduces your risk in the areas of compliance and operational transparency, and has the added benefit of reducing costs should you ever have to endure discovery or respond to litigation.

Begin with a plan that identifies and addresses areas of compliance and risk, and be sure that you draft and implement policies and procedures that create a consistent framework that employees can use to handle data.  Information must be handled properly from the moment it is captured and a document is created.  Employees should be able to look to your framework for guidance in how to adequately store documents and protect them from the elements and unauthorized access.  Switching to off-site document storage places responsibility for housing and storing your documents in the hands of professionals who specialize in storing records with security and compliance. In safeguarding your data, be sure to include technologies that allow for safe sharing and make it easier to find and use your documents.  Scanning hard copy documents creates a digital file that can be stored in the cloud, located by searchable index, and used by staff to work anywhere without the risk of originals and copies being lost, damaged, or stolen.  When your information has reached the end of its lifecycle, the determination must be made whether to keep or destroy it.  Your information governance framework should be built around the policies, standards, and legislation that govern your enterprise.

Corrigan Record Storage provides tools and services that will help you establish and maintain proper information governance.  Rely upon document storage, vault storage for digital and other media, document shredding, and secure destruction of computer processing units and hard drives at our secure record centers.  Let us scan your hard copy documents and store them in the cloud for increased security and enhanced access to your information. Our staff undergoes specialized training and maintains HIPAA certification, so you know your information is in good hands.  Call us today at 248.344.9185 or fill in the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your free consultation.



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