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How Corrigan Helps Law Firms with their Rogue Data

How Corrigan Helps Law Firms with their Rogue Data
Does your firm have rogue data?  You bet it does. Rogue data, also called “dark data” consists of unmanaged data that is stored and used in spreadsheets, email, instant messaging communications, notes or presentations, older versions of relevant documents, client information, previous employee data, or any records, documents, or electronically stored information that is outdated and unstructured.

To control the growth of this unmanaged data, limit accessibility by storing commonly shared information in the data cloud.  By partnering with Corrigan Record Storage, law firms can have their hard copy files secure and quickly scanned, creating a digital file that can be protected, while the hard copy originals are securely stored and safeguarded. Files that are stored electronically can be accessed from anywhere, eliminating the need to store data on desktops or work stations.  Transferring sensitive data to secure servers and storing backups off-site provides both security and disaster recovery.  Corrigan Record Storage provides climate-controlled vault storage for backup media and irreplaceable documents and items requiring specialized storage. Corrigan Record Storage uses web-based software that gives law firms the tools they need to retrieve and send document cartons, set backup tape rotation schedules, and designate files or media for destruction when it no longer needs to be retained.

Having an information management strategy for controlling this growth of information should include a plan for expunging unnecessary data when someone leaves the firm.  Law firms are subject to retention and destruction schedules.  Ensuring that case files that no longer need to be retained are destroyed in a compliant and timely manner is a simple way to rein in rogue data. Corrigan Record Storage offers multiple sizes of locking bins that securely house records until they are transported to our secure records center and destroyed using compliant processes that satisfy regulation and give you peace of mind.

Corrigan Record Storage has more than 25 years experience helping law firms and businesses securely and efficiently manage their information and data storage needs.  We take great measures to ensure the security and longevity of your documents and data.  By providing secure, warehouse-based document storage, specialized document scanning and imaging capabilities, cloud storage, and secure, compliant document, hard drive, and computer processing unit destruction.   We offer next-day delivery of needed documents, with two-hour rush delivery and after-hours accessibility available.  Get control of your rogue data, and bring in that unmanaged data from the information wilderness. Call Corrigan Record Storage at 248.344.9185 or complete the contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.



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