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Vault Storage
As businesses continue to adapt and incorporate new technology into daily operations, information and its secure management becomes increasingly important.  Decades of work, irreplaceable originals or personal photos, videos and records can be lost in an instant in the event of fire, flood or other disaster–but there is another danger. You may think that your information is safe if you have made copies and transferred them to digital media; however, digital media has its flaws that can cost you valuable data. Photographs can be stored to inexpensive optical media like writeable CDs and DVDs, but this type of storage doesn’t hold much. leaving you sorting through dozens of discs–and no computer that can play them. Disc drives are quickly becoming obsolete as notebook and desktop computers increasingly abandon DVD drives.  Even with a player on hand, half of all blank media fails within its five-year lifespan–you won’t know that your information is lost until you need it.

Other types of media storage offer little more in the way of security. Traditional hard drives offer lots of capacity for minimal investment, but these storage devices are still comprised of complex circuitry and mechanical components that spin at high speeds that will ultimately fail. Traditional hard drives are also subject to obsoletion. The interfaces needed to retrieve your files may not exist when the time comes to access your information. Solid State Drives (SSDs), or flash drives, seem like an ideal solution for long-term storage because they have no moving parts that can fail like traditional hard drives; however, data corruption has been reported in these devices in as little as a year.

With information becoming an ever more important strategic asset for businesses, reliable, long-term storage has become a necessity. To protect your information, perform regular backups and store a copy offsiteCorrigan Record Storage offers secure, reliable vault storage for your backup media, original hard copies, valuable documents and irreplaceable items that are vulnerable to deterioration and data corruption due to temperature, light, humidity and time. Our vault storage features a waterless, gas-based FM-200 fire suppression system and web-based climate control to support the longevity of your stored goods and information. Corrigan Record Storage uses backup generators to keep your protected files safe from power outages, and extensive security systems to keep your materials safe from unauthorized access. A gated, monitored entrance, 24-hour video surveillance and alarms give you the peace of mind you need–our vault provides you with long-term storage you can rely on. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to learn more about our secure, reliable vault storage.



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