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Data Security – Maintaining Compliance Even If You Work From Home

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 32% of all workers globally, and 53% of workers in the United States, will be either hybrid or entirely remote. The recent pandemic had a substantial negative impact on many firms’ financial lines, and some are still recuperating. Offering remote work options is a common solution to this problem because it has been shown to have a beneficial influence on resource spending and efficiency in most cases, resulting in a higher bottom line.

Until recently, many firms have resisted adopting remote work, mostly due to productivity and security concerns, as well as a lack of knowledge about why offering flexible work alternatives is such a crucial effort to embrace. While the use of remote work is projected to increase as employee expectations alter, not all firms are equipped to deal with the consequences.

However, when workers work remotely for lengthy periods, all companies, regardless of size, are in danger of a catastrophic security breach. Checks and balances must be in place to handle the information security difficulties that remote employees encounter while also keeping personal data safe. Please read along as we discuss the measures that can be taken to minimize such risks.

What exactly is a remote workplace?

A home office is commonly used as a remote workplace. However, it may be anywhere an employee chooses to work for the day, such as a coffee shop or a library. During the pandemic, the remote workplace was frequently a spare bedroom or the employee’s dining room table at home.

Employers were relatively safe as long as all work was done digitally and the employee utilized a secure work computer. However, security may have been jeopardized if the employee printed papers or utilized a personal computer for sensitive work output.


Data Protection in a Remote Workplace

Businesses that have been compelled to adopt remote workspaces have discovered that they are quite beneficial. Even after the epidemic had passed, several companies and workers decided to continue working from home. The arrangement offers several advantages as long as the company and employees work together to keep the data out of the hands of unscrupulous people. The company saves money on office space, and the employee saves money on petrol, time, and car wear and tear.

Same Document Retention Laws Apply

Data destruction or document shredding is just as crucial in a remote workplace as it is in the office. The regulations governing sensitive information also apply to remote employees. When you have remote employees, you should have rigorous procedures in place that govern the use of the work computer and document shredding. You may speak with Corrigan Record Storage about the shredding services you require for your workplace and your employees’ home offices. We will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with a suitable shredding schedule.


Can Be Difficult To Manage

Remote workplaces make data security more complicated. Even during a pandemic, your employee’s family members, relatives, and acquaintances come and go from the house. While you may trust your employee, you cannot trust others you do not know, including family members, even if your employee does.

Implementing a shredding policy that requires workers to shred all work-related papers and providing them with lockable shred boxes reduces the possibility of unauthorized persons viewing your clients’ personal and private information.


Contact Corrigan Record Storage

Corrigan Record Storage strives to assist businesses to realize their maximum potential by providing tools and services to help them optimize their document shredding processes. All documents are gathered in sealed containers and delivered to our secure facility, where they are destroyed in line with federal and state requirements.

Allow Corrigan Record Storage to handle all of your shredding needs. We provide a wide range of shredding services and solutions to meet your requirements and schedule.  Additionally, You can safeguard your company’s reputation and continue to operate a smooth and efficient operation by disposing of private information safely and securely through a professional service.

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