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Why You Should Implement a Document Retention Program

Why You Should Implement a Document Retention Program
It’s easy to make anything sound terrifying if you try hard enough and you use the right facts. For instance, did you know that even drinking too much water is deadly? It seems that everything has a dark side, but when it comes to the dark side of the web, the facts are downright frightening. Security breaches, hackers, and more lurk in the shadows of your servers, waiting for their opportunity to infiltrate your networks and steal your intellectual property. These are the very real reasons many organizations opt for hard-copy storage and management of important documents and files, but when other threats become apparent, what can you do to protect yourself and your livelihood?

Strict compliance regulations often require institutions to preserve certain files and documents years after they become irrelevant, this can add up to hundreds or even thousands of seemingly useless information taking up space in your office building. Misplaced or lost documents, filing and labeling errors, and more can make maintaining compliance a nightmare for the people responsible, but there is hope. A proper document retention program can help your business thrive even better than before. Lighten the load be determining which documents and files even need to be retained, and have a plan in place for everything you both do and don’t decide to keep.

There are things you need to consider before you can accurately determine if any specific document should be retained according to compliance regulations. Determining if there is a legal reason, whether by state or federal law, to keep or toss something is the first step. After determining its legal value, you must determine whether or not it could ever be used to aid or oppose any litigation or other official investigations. Find out if there any potential consequences to getting rid of a specific document, and discover whether or not if you did get rid of it, if there would be any way to get it back. Once you narrow down your massive stacks of personally identifiable information (PII) into slightly smaller stacks, you can determine the best and most secure place to house said information, as well as what to do with everything left over. Document management providers, such as Corrigan Record Storage, are experts in their field and can provide exceptional protection for your collection of PII without compromising your ability to access it, as well as ensure proper destruction for everything else.  

Corrigan Record Storage has more than 25 years of experience offering a comprehensive list of document storage and management services meant to protect even the most sensitive information. Data and document retention is vital to the success of any organization. Our scanning services can grant you unlimited access to secure digital copies of all your files and documents instantaneously 24/7/365, while our fortified facility ensures that no one who isn’t approved can get access your company’s trove of originals. For documents that don’t make the cut, our secure document shredding services can easily and quickly dispose old files and more to ensure you follow proper information destruction guidelines. To learn more about our incredible document management services, or our unmatched customer service, call Corrigan Record Storage at 248.344.9185 or complete the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your free consultation today.



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