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Why Accounting Firms Need Document Management

Why Accounting Firms Need Document Management
The reasons are obvious as to why organizations such as healthcare, financial institutions, accounting firms and other businesses choose to rely on professional document management services, the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) contained within the walls of these companies could significantly affect hundreds of thousands of people’s lives should the information fall into the wrong hands, and must be safeguarded at all cost to protect countless people and families. However, since money and financial affluence are crucial to the stabilization of our entire economy, it is equivalently essential that sensitive data such as that found stored inside various accounting firms and facilities be adamantly protected. It makes sense that accounting firms would equally strive to maintain that same standard of security on behalf of their clients, and their clients’ trove of wealth.

Having a reliable document management plan or system means more than just having an intern organize files alphabetically, it means having a person, or persons, there to be responsible for the integrity and defense of information that if not accurately maintained could weaken an entire organization. Being compliant is not a matter to be taken lightly, and any corporation unable to remain compliant at all times can face serious disaster that in many cases results in consequences dire enough to permanently shut down a company.  

If you want truly incredible, lasting protection for any and all of your most significant documents and files, then you need Corrigan Record Storage. With numerous services available including flawless document scanning and state-of-the-art document storage, you can rest easy knowing you are never at risk. By trusting in a professional document management provider, you can effectively increase your workflow and productivity, save tons of money by reducing your resource costs, create an efficient electronic audit trail, and reduce a firms negative impact on the environment. Why even bother keeping hard copy stacks of forms and files that you have to alter manually when in reality it’s more time consuming and is likely to result in higher potential for human error. By switching to a more modern and advanced system for managing your documents, you are able to do more for your clients, more for your company, and ultimately more for your own success. Get more affordable, easier to use, unbeatable protection for your accounting firm today with Corrigan Record Storage exclusive document management services.   

Corrigan Record Storage has more than 25 years of experience offering a comprehensive list of document storage and management services meant to protect even the most sensitive information. Our unique CSR Readiness® program allows us to exceed typical security and protection capabilities and go even further by offering detailed strategies on how to prevent breaches, recommendations for improving your current protection practices, and handling the aftermath of a breach by automatically reporting necessary information to authorities and clients. To learn more about our incredible document management services, or our unmatched customer service, call Corrigan Record Storage at 248.344.9185 or complete the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your free consultation today.



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