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Implementing a Shred All Policy

Implementing a Shred All Policy
Protecting personally identifiable information (PII), including private customer and employee data, should always be your number one priority, especially since your success depends on it. In some cases this may be referred to as document retention and long-term filing, but when it comes to outdated files and electronic storage devices that have reached or exceeded their officially recognized expiration dates, you need to establish an effective shredding policy to ensure that they never fall into the wrong hands. 

The best way to maximize your proficiency and eliminate all risk for error in terms of secure shredding is by implementing a shred all policy. A shred all policy is great, because it clears up any current or future debates about the status of potentially questionable documents. Without wasting time determining what actually needs destroying, your employees are able to stay focused longer on the tasks that ultimately deserve their attention most. A shred all policy also ensures that you require less training for incoming employees and that no changes need to be made to the policy if and when various legal requirements are changed. A shred all policy can help keep you compliant without demanding that you or your staff pour hours into looking over paperwork, which means your payroll money is spent more wisely. With all of your employees focused exclusively on tasks that will propel your success, and the ability to remain effortlessly compliant, you can enjoy free time to spend with your family, follow your passions, or even continue advancing professionally.

In order to implement a shred all policy, you must first document the new procedures to let your staff know of the transition that will be taking effect. You can then focus on preparing your staff for the changes through additional training, or the provision of various related resources. Finally, secure a professional shredding services provider, like Corrigan Record Storage, to help streamline your shredding operations. Corrigan Record Storage is a business service provider that works to help companies reach their full potential. We provide all the tools and services that businesses need to thrive including specially designed bins for collecting your assets that need shredding. Once you receive them, you can mount the provided locked bins throughout your office to ensure your staff can easily reach them when necessary. You can also customize your own rotation schedule for bin collection and have someone keep track of them at all times. Once your bins are picked up at the agreed time, they will be securely transported to Corrigan Record Storage’s secure shredding facility where they will be properly destroyed in accordance with federal and state regulations, including HIPAA and FACTA. You will even receive a destruction certificate for your official records. If you are looking for a way to improve your productivity and get ahead in your industry, start by looking into implementing a shred all policy, today.  Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716, or complete the contact form in the sidebar to learn more about all of our convenient, secure and affordable services provided only by Corrigan Record Storage.



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