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Record Storage: DIY or Corrigan Record Storage?

Document Storage Warren MI
Information management is an ever-present challenge for small businesses.  Cramped records rooms overflow with dented file boxes that are mismarked, and loose pages that have found their way to the corners.  You know you need a record storage solution, but the thought of paying out another dollar makes you shudder. Before you invest in a makeshift system that will give you a temporary, in-house solution, consider all the ways that partnering with an information management specialist can simplify your daily operations, improve compliance, and save you money.

By enlisting the services of a professional record storage service, you will free up valuable office space that can be used for activities that generate profit and support the growth of your business.  If moving the contents of a single four-drawer file cabinet to an offsite facility can save $1,500 annually, imagine the change in your bottom line when you clear out the files in the records room, the overflow in the janitorial closet, and the boxes stashed under desks. By storing records off-site, you protect sensitive information from employee negligence that can leave you open to a data breachOff-site record storage keeps you in compliance with corporate and governmental regulations, helping you avoid costly fines and fees.

In a climate-controlled office, your staff may feel comfortable; however, the environment could be damaging your files.  Nightly temperature and humidity fluctuations deteriorate paper files and cause irreversible damage.  In the event of a fire in another part of your building, your files could be destroyed by water from a sprinkler system or the efforts of the fire department.  Entrusting your files to a document storage professional ensures their physical protection from fire, flood, or other disasters. If access to your files is what is holding you back from making the switch to professional record storage, you’ll enjoy knowing that a reputable record storage facility provides uniformed delivery and retrieval of your data cartons.

Corrigan Record Storage is a full-service provider of professional record storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. We offer web-based access to digital files, and provide convenient, next-day delivery of the data cartons you need.  We keep you working with two-hour rush delivery services, and after-hours accessibility.  Reserve our  private, WiFi enabled customer viewing room for conducting audits and using your records.  Our specially-designed facility is centered around security and service.  If you need comprehensive record storage solutions for your business, call Corrigan Record Storage today at 248.344.9185 or complete the consultation form in the sidebar to get your plan in place.



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