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Increase Efficiency with Document Digitization

Increase Efficiency with Document Digitization
For many businesses, the goal of removing paper from daily operations begins with devoting dozens of payroll hours to scanning document after document, never knowing if you have a clean digital file that you can use later on. Meanwhile that employee’s duties remain unfinished, or get delegated to another staff member.  Keep things moving, and keep your employees focused on growth by partnering with an information management professional for document digitization.

Every department in your organization can benefit from document digitization and centralized, protected information access.  Document digitization improves efficiency in negotiating, reviewing, and executing contracts by allowing for faster retrieval of information necessary to meet the requirements of the vested parties and ensure compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.

Accounting departments can benefit from document digitization by putting information used for accounts payable and accounts receivable a few clicks away, rather than a tedious trip to the records room.  Shipping and receiving documents can be compared almost instantly, improving efficiency in distribution and logistics by centralizing bills of lading, shipping invoices, and receipts.  Put an end to hours spent searching for documents that demonstrate what has been ordered and received without missing a beat.  With document digitization, your team can access vital data while working remotely.  As your business grows, having a document digitization process in place reduces the amount of paper that gets generated and handled, and it centralizes your information.  The more copies your employees handle in executing daily operations, the more time they spend on low-impact tasks that don’t generate profit.  By eliminating the need for the physical location and reproduction of frequently used documents, you improve efficiency and productivity as well as security, by reducing the chance that valuable originals will be lost or damaged through frequent handling.

Corrigan Record Storage has been serving the information management needs of the business community for more than 25 years.  We continue to bring you solutions that help you put technology to work for you with easy-to-implement, affordable document digitization solutions that can be tailored to your needs.  Our large-format scanners can handle documents up to 36″ wide, with state-of-the-art digital document scanners to transform your charts, graphs, blueprints, and other originals. We are a family-owned business that is large enough to provide what you need with the personal service of a small enterprise.  If you are looking for document digitization services to increase efficiency in your business, call Corrigan Record Storage today at 248.344.9185 or fill in the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your free consultation and get started working smarter.



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