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Reduce Your Paper Mountain: Digitize Your Paper Documents

Reduce Your Paper Mountain: Digitize Your Paper Documents
is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, but those stacks of document cartons and full filing cabinets are occupying space that can be used for profit-generating and growth activities.  Integrating proven technology and streamlining how we access and use information frees up valuable payroll hours spent looking through hard copy documents, and avails your business of valuable real estate that is being consumed by on-site document storage.  A single DVD has the capacity to hold information that would need to be physically stored in thirty filing cabinets. Most companies have a longstanding relationship with paper documents that has been slow to change. As we work to make the shift to a less paper-dependent office, it becomes clear that increasing regulations and the slow acceptance of electronic signatures on documents as a legal substitute means that paper is here to stay and as such, must be dealt with.

In weighing the benefits of digitizing your documents, there are a few key points that make the case for scanning your hard copies to digital. Paper documents are rarely backed up, making them vulnerable to permanent loss through accidental damage or misuse. When more than one person needs to view or use a document at a time, you’re forced to create and keep additional copies, feeding the beast and increasing your paper mountain.

Digital copies will not deteriorate from time or handling. With digital copies, you can disseminate information instantly to staff in multiple locations, without having to make and distribute photocopies—saving time, reducing supply costs, and lessening your organization’s environmental impact.  Digital copies also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper files that need to be transported.  Making the transition to digital documents eliminates delays caused by misplaced documents, improving response time and customer service.

Corrigan Record Storage provides a full range of document storage and information management services, including document digitization. Our state-of-the-art digital document scanners enable us to turn any record, chart, spreadsheet, or other document into an easily accessible digital copy that leaves your hard copy files undamaged and allows for greater ease of use for all your documents.  With our large format scanner, we have the capability to scan blueprints, engineering drawings, and documents up to 36” without compromising image quality.  We can efficiently and affordably transform your hard copy files into digital format, giving your team the ability to work anytime and anywhere.  Let our scanning services ease your paper burden, support compliance, and work more efficiently.  Don’t lose another valuable payroll hour searching through your paper mountain. Call 248.344.9185 or 1.800.944.7716 or fill out the form in the sidebar to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.



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